About Us

JAJ Property Services

Family Owned & Operated

JAJ Property Services is a HUB certified, family owned and operated construction company, that specializes in exterior renovation and heavy maintenance. Our team of professionals uses only the best construction materials, and coupled with our knowledge and commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to producing outstanding finished products.

We are easy to work with and can be depended on to design and deliver exactly what our clients are looking for. We love that each project is unique and look forward to helping you with yours!

Jason Jordan - President

Jason Jordan, Co-Owner and President of JAJ Property Services LLC, has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. He started out working for his father’s company, and with years of dedication and commitment became a Master level carpenter and crew leader. He uses this hand on experience to now manage the many facets of projects across all our service offerings. He holds a BBA in Marketing from Angelo State University.

As President, Jason’s responsibilities include overseeing the overall development of projects including coordination of subcontractors. Jason works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and is especially effective in providing consultations and assistance in value engineering while also ensuring that the project comes in on time and within budget.

President - Jason Jordan

Summer Jordan - CFO

Summer Jordan, CPA, Co-owner and CFO for JAJ Property Services, has 24 years of Controller experience in the IT and BPO industry, shifting to CFO in the construction industry in 2014. She holds a BBA in Accounting from Angelo State University and has been a CPA since 2010.